Air port Information
The airport has three terminals. Terminal 2 and 3 are for domestic flights. The international flights depart from the terminal 3 near terminal 2.Xi'an Xianyang International Airport (IATA: XIY) is located 40 km (25 mi) northwest of the city centre, in Xianyang. Flights are available to any big cities within Mainland China. International flights are available to HelsinkiSan FranciscoBangkokHong KongMacauSeoul, Osaka. As Xi'an is located in the heartland of China, it takes no more than 2 hours to fly to most major Chinese cities.
Get in the Downtown
Airport Buses
Ticket office
Terminal 2—Passenger Service Center (next to Exit 2)
Terminal 3—Located in the middle of Arrival Hall
Location of Platforms:
Terminal 2—After leaving the baggage claim area, please proceed to Exit 2 and make your way across to the platforms.
Terminal 3—After leaving the baggage claim area, please proceed to Exit 314 and make your way to the Ground Transportation Center.Then please continue to the bus boarding area in the right of the building.
Airport Bus Route(Mainly for tourist)


Urban Price

Railway Station

Xi’an (Inner City)


  North Railway Station   Xi’an(North) 25RMB

Xian Hotel



Hi-Tech Development Zone

Xi’an (West)


Jianguo Hotel Xi’an (East)




Types of Taxi
Common Taxi—Typical Green Taxi, popular brand is BYD
Japanese-branded black taxi—More space, more comfortable, more expensive
A taxi will cost about ¥150 from the airport to the Bell Tower downtown. You will pay around ¥ 50-75 more if you take the climatized Japanese-branded black taxis rather than the typical green taxis. Remember it’s almost impossible call a taxi by meter even though they must do that.
Estimate Distance from Airport:

Main stops in downtown

Region of Xi’an Approximate mileages
Bell Tower Center about 37km
North Square of Big Wild Goose Pagoda South-East about 43km
Xi’an Railway Station Center about 36km
Xi’an North Railway Station North about 27km
High-Tech Zone (Shangri-la Hotel ) South-West about 35km
Xi’an West Long-Distance Bus Station West about 28km
Xi’an South Long-Distance Bus Station South about 42km

Chanba River Area (Kempinski Hotel)


about 40km

Please take care your belongings and ask for the invoice for your taxi fare Don’t carry on explosives, inflammable and dangerous articles or other articles affecting the taxi clean


Railway station Information:
As the center-located city, there are plenty of trains transport passengers from anywhere of China.  Do not travel hard class if you are uncomfortable with these settings. Sleeper cabins are limited to 6 people each (4 for deluxe soft sleepers). If traveling alone, keep an eye on your luggage and practice common sense. The bathrooms will be closed when the train arrvie the stops.
Time run to domestic cities(hour):
City Beijing Shanghai Guangzhou Wuhan Zhengzhou Changsha
High Train 4-5 6-7 7-9 4-5 2 5-6
Regular Train 13 15-18 22-25 12-15 6-8 18-20
City Chengdu Chongqing Lanzhou Kunming Lhasa Urumqi
High Train 3-4 4-5 3 / / /
Regular Train  12-16 9-10 9-12 32-36 32 32

Xi’an station
Xi'an Station is at the north end of Jiefang Road (解放路; pinyin: jiěfànglù), just outside the northeast city wall. Out of the Station is One Xi’an City Bus hub, you can take the bus to anywhere you want. If you want to stop a taxi, right of the station exit is the offical taxi station. Ignore the people who show you the cheap hotel or use city map exchange your train ticket.
In Xi'an, it is very easy to get to the railway station by city bus from anywhere in the city. There are several stops within 200 m of the station (look for train station East or North on a bus route. Bus 603 will take you into the city for only ¥1. Many hostels also offer free pick-up if you arrive between 06:00 and 09:00.
Xi’an North station
Xi’an North Station serves the high-speed rail. It is connected by the metro system. If you want to take a taxi from the North Station, just go straight forward to the Taxi Parking Zone The official taxis will be waiting for you. Ignore the private car driver who want you take theire car and cheat a high price.
Xi’an South station
Xi'an South Station is a very remote railway station. The easiest way is to go to the southern-most stop on the subway, and then taking a taxi. The station only serve the train to Chongqing, Urumqi, so there’s few oppor tunities arrive this station.
Booking Train Ticket
Travel Agency
Train Station Ticket window:
Chinese Railway Corporation Ticket Booking APP:12306

City Metro

Line 1 runs east-west and crosses Line 2 at Bei Da Jie in the city center.
Line 2 runs north-south. You can connect to and from the Xi'an North Station for the high-speed rail network.
Line 3 runs roughly in the northeast-southwest direction and intersects with line 1 at Tong Hua Men and line 2 at Xiao Zhai
Useful station for tourists
Line 1
Wu Lu Kou: close to the Xi’an Station
Chao Yang Men: Exit from the station take the No.22 bus to Da Ming Palace
Line 2
Xi’an Bei Station: Station for the High-speed train
Bell Tower: the center of Xi’an City
Yong Ning Men: to the south gate of Ancient City Wall
Line 3
Da Yan Ta: To the Great Wild Goose Pagoda and Shaanxi History Museum
Fare Below 1.8L(Green) Above 1.8L(Black)
Initial Fare (Day) RMB 9 for 3km RMB 9 for 2km
Initial Fare (Night) RMB 10 for 3km RMB 10 for 2km
Metered Fare (Day) RMB 2 per km RMB 2.4 per km
Metered Fare  (Night) RMB 2.3 per km RMB 2.7 per km
Time Fare (speed below 10km/h)  Every 5 mins as 1km Every 5 mins as 1km
Long Distance Fare One way more than 12km Charge 50% more per km One way more than 8km Charge 50% more per km
Toll Fare By passanger By passanger

Please take care your belongings and ask for the invoice for your taxi fare
Don’t carry on explosives, inflammable and dangerous articles or other articles affecting the taxi clean
In case that you are refused to offer service or encounter such illegal activities like charging for additional fare, please cal the Complaints Hotline 029- 33544000
(5)City Bus
Bus Route&Price
Regular buses within the city cost ¥1 (¥2 for air-conditioned, marked with a snow-flake) no matter how far you go. Since there are many buses in the city, it can be useful to go to the Tourism Office Center (which is situated near the Bell Tower) and ask for a free map of the city, with the buses' lines on it.
Popular Lines for tourist
610: Xi’an Station; Shaanxi History Museum; Great Wild Goose Pagoda; Tang Paradise
611: Xi’an Station; Bell Tower
609: North Gate of City Wall; South Gate of City Wall; Shaanxi History Museum; Great Wild Goose Pagoda; Tang Paradise
306: Xi’an Station; Terra-cotta warriors; Hua Qing Hot Spring
307: Xi’an Station; Terra-cotta warriors; Hua Qing Hot Spring; Shaanxi History Museum; Great Wild Goose Pagoda; Tang Paradise
914&915: The same like 306(Both of the two buses belong to private company, so it take a longer time to the TRW)