The Great Tang All Day Mall大唐不夜城

The Great Tang All-Day Mall is located in Qujiang New District, overlooked by the world-famous Dayan Pagoda. On the basis of history and culture, a unique business model will offer citizens and tourist at home and abroad a multidirectional and multi-layer cultural consumer market, an international cultural MALL by integrating tourism resources and cultural products. A sculpture landscape avenue, the biggest in Asia, will go through the street as well as three theme squares including Xuanzang Square, Zhenguan Square and Kaiyuan Square.

Dayan Pagoda Culture Leisure Scenic Area大雁塔休闲景区

Dayan Pagoda Culture Leisure Scenic Area is composed of waterscape fountain, cultural square, garden landscape, cultural corridor, tourism, shopping, trade and entertainment. Many records have been created here, for example, the largest fountain square and waterscape square in Asia, the square with the largest sculpture scale in Asia, the square with the most chairs in the world, the longest light belt in the world, the first direct drinking water in the world and hi-fi components with the biggest scale.

The Bell Tower and South Gate Square钟楼南门

The south gate square of City wall is the most important place for City Wall ancient ceremony, every night you can see beautiful lights along the top of city wall. Both sides of the square are the two famous shopping zone, and the only Gucci Store. With the beautiful bell tower, here become a popular place for everyone’s night life.

South Gate Bar Street or De Fu Coffee Lane南门酒吧街or德福巷

For some people who prefer some liquid and enjoy the leisure local life, South Gate Bar Street or De Fu Coffee Lane is a good choice. Good Location, nice beer and coffee, enthusiastic bar waiter become the factor for a memorable night in Xi’an.

Tang Dynasty Dancing Show唐歌舞

The Tang Dynasty is consider as the most progressive and prosperous era in the days of Imperial China and its music and dance symbolize the glory and splendor of ancient Tang dynasty civilization.  There are more ten different songs performance, at each performance is performed with a colorful spectacle of dance and music. Here you will enjoy music played on ancient Chinese instruments such as Pipa, Zheng, flute and chime. All the dancer dressed traditional clothes and their dancing will bring you back to the glorious of China. Don’t forget try the Dumpling Banquet before the Dancing Show to make your trip in Xi’an completely.